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Bamenda: Schools Gates Still Awaiting Students

LIENGU Etaka Esong | 10-01-2017 10:29

Ministers of Secondary and Basic Education plea for parents to send children to school fell on deaf ears.


The streets of Bamenda were dry and void of people yesterday Monday January 9, 2017 expected date for the resumption of the second term of the 2016-2017 academic year. Be it at Bamenda I, II or III the school no students were found in the schools CT visited. On the streets one could hardly fine motorbikes, taxis or even private vehicles, markets were open but with no traders,   all commercial activities were grounded. Most people on the streets of Bamenda said they could not send their children to school until the problem is solved.

To Mr Che Ngwa who was found trekking from up station to T-Junction yesterday morning, it was best if the government solve the Anglophone teacher’s trade union problems. According to him, it will guarantee the future of his children. He told CT that he could not afford to send his four kids because the teachers have not yet call off the strike.  He said the government cannot be asking parents to send their children to school when they are not the ones who called for a strike. He pleaded with the government to frankly discuss with the teachers’ trade union leaders and seek solutions so that they can call off the strike for children to go back to school.
Some parents seem not to bother about their children staying out of school for the rest of the academic year. They argue that solving the problem is for the betterment of the English subsystem of education. This is just one of the frank talk with most people on the streets of Bamenda Monday morning. Meanwhile, the Ministers of Secondary Education, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle  Bibehe and that of Basic Education, Adija Alim who were in the North West Region to supervised the  effective reopening of the second term  had to shortened their six- day mission to the region after they got disappointed   as all schools still  remain empty.

From the look of things, the population did not heed to the call of the Ministers who had urged parents to send children to school while negotiations continue with the teachers trade union leaders. All attempts to get both Ministers talk proof futile.



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