Digital Economy: Online “Djangui” Creates Job Opportunities

Christopher JATOR | 11-01-2017 09:53

The new application by a Cameroonian secures financial transactions and overcomes the stress of having to meet physically during tontines.


The creation of the online application “Djangui” was motivated by growing demands for transparency in the way money is managed in traditional tontines, some members who stay absent transferred money to tontines but it never reached, some as a result of being physically absent from the tontine paid fines, meanwhile keeping tontine data or those of other forms of meeting on papers has proved risky, especially if there is disaster like fire outbreak.

With this, Jules Guilain Kenfack, Cameroonian, who has been studying in Germany, has come up with the new application that is now wildly used to hold meetings or tontines online in Europe and Africa via Android phones, I-phones or directly on computers. “Djangui” as the application is called, is also widening the scope of job opportunities to many a young Cameroonian. In Douala, seven youths have gained employment with “Djangui” in various areas, including canvassing for investors and clients, coordinating the day-to-day functioning of the system.

“As many people become acquainted with the advantages of the application and clients get to increase, it will further create jobs for all categories of people,” Kenfack told the press in Douala December 20. Since its creation and functioning in May 2016, over 4500 Use the application the world over, including about 900 users in Cameroon. Many who use online “Djangui” enjoy security of transaction as it is difficult to escape with money, discuss and make proposals online right from their handsets even when communication network is interrupted.

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