CPDM Supporters Renew Confidence In President Biya

Mbouda (Bamboutos) - The supporters of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) of the Bamboutos Central, 1and 2, in Mbouda and Babadjou, Bamboutos North in Galim, and Bamboutos south in Batcham, who all gathered on 24, March, 2018 in Mbouda for celebrations, marking the 33rd anniversary of the CPDM have thanked the President Paul Biya, for the promotion of peace and stability, national unity and integration, and the improvement of socio-economic and cultural development, especially the creation of the National Commission on Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, as well as the creation of the new Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development that will fast-track the decentralization process in Cameroon.

The sympathisers through their various section presidents, Hon.Wa Mathurin Martial of Babadjou, Tchiotchou Lucas of Mbouda,Nadjo of Galim and Saho Zabzi Francois of Batcham in different speeches at the occasion in Mbouda, renewed their confidence in President Paul Biya, Head of State and national president of the CPDM party, fully reiteratin...



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