Douala Vocational Training Centre: Fruit of New Vision Technical Education

The Centre solves the equation of training and employment as it trains youth ready for employment or to create jobs.

The Douala Advanced Vocational Training Centre known in French as the ‘Centre de Formation Professionelle d’Excellence’ is one of the pilot vocational training centres alongside that of Limbe and Samgmelima within government’s new vision of the professional training system in Cameroon.

Built with technical assistance from Korea, the centre offers training in the industrial, tertiary and services sectors. In the industrial sector, the centre offers training in electrical engineering, industrial electrotechnic, mechanics, beauty, wood work, fashion design, welding and boilmaking, plumbing and pipping, automotive, industrial maintenance, computer and network maintenance as well as electrical habilitation.

As concerns the tertiary sector, the centre offers training in office automation, multimedia, infographics -serigraphy, accounting, tax system, marketing, DAO, CAO-PAO. Concerning services, the centre offers initial and continuous training as a support centre for business consulting and a research centre.

The centre also offers refresher courses for the certification of workers requalification and reconversion as well as VAE- empowerment. Admissions to the centre s...



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