CRM: Kamto Exposes Plans For Cameroon

The presidential hopeful says if Cameroonians give him a mandate, he will transform the country.

Presidential hopeful, Maurice Kamto, is strongly convinced he is the ideal candidate amongst the eight other contenders for the post of President of the Republic of Cameroon.

Kamto has confidence in his programmes, which span across economy, industry, agriculture, technology, foreign policy, amongst others, and says they can lead to the modernization of the country if he is given a chance in the October 7 poll.

The presidential aspirant on the ticket of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM/MRC) says his vision will ensure living together, the state of law and justice, as well as security and defence.

Kamto holds that healthcare, research, education and youth, women emancipation and the modernization of institutions are domains which need special attention. “In short, I travelled again across Cameroon, my country, our country, cities as well as remote areas, villages without a drop of clean water and a glow of electricity.

I have often blended into the population of the most modest strata and had a hands-on experience of their extreme suffering, the weight of social injustice and the abject poverty they endure.” Kamto posits. The aspirant notes that, despite the dramatic situation, most Cameroonians remain confident for the future. According to Kamt...



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