ELECAM WEST: training Sessions Intensify Ahead of October 07

Authorities say all is set but for last minute verification to ensure perfection before polling day.

All that it takes to organise an election free of any bickering has been put in place at the West Regional Agency of Elections Cameroon. According to the Regional Delegate of ELECAM for the West, Francis Pene Tientcheu, all the material to be used on October 07 have been dispatched to the 2,530 polling stations in the West Region. 

These include packs of writing material, cloths for polling booths, election report forms, and transparent ballot boxes. "The ELECAM management at the head office has taken all the necessary measures to ensure the availability of all that is needed to render the Presidential election smooth and free of any squabble", Tientcheu said.  ELECAM authorities in Bafoussam are calm, confident and serene pending the D-day.

In one of the halls at the ELECAM office in the Tamdja neighbourhood at the Regional capital, Bafoussam, can be seen packs of election material, some of which are reserves in case of any emergency. From every indication, Tientcheu and his team do not want to take things for granted, hence the constant verification to ensure that all is set.

"We are into daily verification to ensure that the quantity and quality of the material dispatched respect set norms", he said. Election is usually very trying moments for ELECAM and other administrations.

This explains the high level of diligence observed among ELECAM workers in Bafoussam. The off...



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