Maurice Kamto: Indomitable Lions’ Jersey Lover

The flag-bearer of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement was clad in the Cameroonian jersey when he launched his campaign in Douala.

Maurice Kamto, presidential candidate on the ticket of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) is a man of many dressings. But the hopeful takes delight in putting on the jersey of Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions. During the launching of his campaign the previous Saturday in Douala, Kamto appeared as a football player.

And indeed he was holding a ball, besides his sport attire. Kamto has told his followers and supporters that he will kick and definitely score the historic penalty which will oust President Paul Biya. His declaration obviously suggests why he moves around in the sport jersey and holding a ball.

The presidential hopeful is also fond of putting on a face cap which bears his own effigy and party emblems. In addition, he at times wears his party fabric over a pair of trouser. For his campaign poster, Kamto puts o...



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