MRC: Kamto Meets Supporters

Supporters turned up at a rally at the car park of the Yaounde Omnisport Stadium in Nfandena, Sunday September 30.

Hundreds of supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement presidential candidate showed up for Maurice Kamto’s campaign rally at the car park of the Yaounde Omnisport Stadium on Sunday September 30. Despite a brief downpour which got some of Kamto’s fans wet, they were unperturbed as they braved the odd to listen to their choice of president. Maurice Kamto’s appearance on the campaign stage caused cheers to run in the air, with fans blowing whistles and waving CRM and Cameroon flags.

The presidential hopeful who likes football metaphors was clad in a jersey and holding a football in his characteristic style. “I am ready to take the penalty,” Kamto declared, noting that he will kick and score. Kamto told attendees that he was ready to bring the much needed change to the country. He specifically disclosed that he will relentlessly fight against corruption should he be elected Cameroon’s next Head of State come October 7.

The CRM flagbearer also presented his governance programme, promising Cameroonians economic growth and development which await them should he be put in charge. Kamto was accompanied to his Sunday outing by a host of ...



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