North West: Menchum II Elite Drum Up Support For Biya

CPDM elite in Menchum II-Fungom have stepped up mouth-to-ear campaigns to ensure victory for their candidate.

CPDM elite on campaigns in Menchum II-Fungom are categorical that victory for their candidate, Paul Biya, will be a comprehensive insurance for stability, progress and development in Cameroon. That is the message the party’s campaign team has been stressing in door-to-door and mouth-to-ear campaigns ahead of the October 7 poll.

In effect, Menchum II- Fungom elite and the campaign team members have stepped up efforts to ensure that militants and sympathisers contribute significantly to the victory of their party's  candidate whom they describe as a nation builder and  the Wiseman of Africa. 

Led by Menchum II- CPDM Section President, John Kum Chi, some elite and other campaign team members are strategising to fetch more votes to help Paul Biya take another term at the helm of the State. Team members like Fidelis Nji, Celestine Nzoh and Akwa Kumbong among others, told Cameroon Tribune that they have been prescribing safety for militants carrying out door-to-door campaigns.

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