Cameroonians in China Cast Votes

Security patrols by the Chinese ensured the peaceful conduct of the elections in Beijing.

Many Cameroonians in China have enjoyed the right to exercise their civic responsibility while living abroad. The October 7 Presidential poll pulled many out of homes and businesses to cast their votes at the Cameroon Embassy in Beijing, capital of China. Ballots for all nine candidates were available, the ink indelible and voting was confidential.

No party representatives were present. To the Chairperson of the commission, Diane Ngumasoh Ngwa, no representatives were sent. Turnout was greatly affected as many could not get a train or flight tickets to the Chinese capital city due to a rise in movement and most stations and airports teemed with a mammoth crowd of Chinese heading to various destinations to round up their seven-day public holiday.

Voting started at 8 AM local time (1am Cameroon time) and closed with a vote count at 6pm (12 noon Cameroon time) amidst a police patrol by the Chinese government for the security of the election. H.E. M...



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