Mbam & Inoubou: Hitch-free Voting Exercise

Both ELECAM officials and representatives of political parties in the Division hailed citizens’ respect for the rule of law.

Voters in various subdivisions of the Mbam and Inoubou Division of the Centre Region have carried out their civic responsibilities without any undesirable incidents.

Thousands of voters in Bafia Subdivision cast votes for their candidates in various polling stations on October 7. By 3:30 pm, 101 out of 304 registered voters in the Lycee Classique de Bafia B polling station had already cast their votes.

The head of the polling station, Etienne Nkengue Ngon said everything was going on hitch free. Janvier Yombo, accredited elections observer of ‘Un Monde Avenir’ concurred. He disclosed that besides his organisation, the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon also sent observers to the polling centre.

In the Mosque 2 Marche du Soir polling centre, the heads of the three polling stations therein, Ebanga Marguerite, Ebissoungegne Carine Prisca and Wangnamou Wini equally attested everything was smooth. Representatives of UNIVERS, MRC, CPDM and the SDF were pre sent.

In Ombessa Subdivision...



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