Douala Shuns Protest Call

It was business as usual in the city as an attempt to disrupt public order was nabbed in the bud.

It was business as usual on Saturday October 27th despite a call from the MRC party for a public demonstration against what they referred to as a ‘stolen victory’ in the October 7, presidential polls. Only the impressive presence of the police and gendarmerie could tell there was something out of the ordinary.

The security forces in a dissuasive move were stationed all along the itinerary of the planned march that is from ‘Rond Point Deido to ‘Carrefour Bonassama’ passing through the Wouri Bridge.

At about 10.30 am, a handful of individuals clad in T-shirts on which were written “Non au hold-up electoral” assembled around the “Feu Rouge” junction and after singing the national anthem , started marching in the direction of Bonakwamuang, to the total indifference of the public.

They chanted, some brandishing placards and others peace plants. But they were rapidly dispersed and the ring leaders whisked off by the police. Among the people arrested was the MRC women’s wing leader, lawyer Michelle Ndoki who alongside the other detainees was later released by the judicial police in Bonanjo.

Their intention had been to dribble the security forces by chan ging the course of the march, this time march from Feu Rouge junction towards Bonakwamuang. The incident lasted only about ten to fifteen minutes as after the arrest, the few people who had...



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