Swearing-in Ceremony: Effervescence Envelops Biya’s Passage

Like in other spots, hundreds of residents lined up on both sides of the road along the John Paul II Avenue to wish the Head of State well and manifest their support.

As early as 6:30am yesterday, people started turning up at the Rond Point Bastos/John Paul II Avenue stretch of road to manifest their support to Cameroon’s new Head of State, Paul Biya. Many like Moussa Douda didn’t want to miss a glimpse of the presidential motorcade which took the President and First Lady, Chantal Biya from the Etoudi Unity Palace to the National Assembly in Ngoa Ekelle for the swearing-in ritual.

Organisers had reserved the Rond Point Bastos/John Paul II Avenue stretch of road for the population and members of political parties of the Lekie Division. But the desire by other groups of persons to have a place under the sun to see Biya’s passage, saw the stretch of the road completely filled up. There were youth associations, cultural groups from the North West Region, opposition party members, city dwellers, amongst others.

Many of the supporters who turned out yesterday were cladded in Biya’s fabric. Others put on the President’s T-shirts and multiple gadgets. But one thing was common among all of them – they all danced energetically and unceasingly and showered praises on President Paul Biya through different songs.

The Mayor of Obala, Simon Pierre Ediba, who was on hand at Rond Point Bastos in Yaounde with CPDM militants, told Cameroon Tribune &ld...



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