An Excited Atmosphere

The fanfare, cultural and martial arts display as well as the songs chanted by the crowd translated emotions of happiness.

Avisibly overjoyable crowd filled the Omnisport stadium Sunday December 02 to watch the finals of the Cameroon Cup. The fans of the respective teams, different animations from artists and the display band, the non-stop singing by students and footballers lovers who turned out to watch the match in their actions all portrayed joy. Before the kick off of the match between Eding Sports and Lion Blessé, there was a spectacular display by students drawn from State institutions revolving on the theme: “Together for the prosperity of Cameroon with His Excellency Paul Biya, President of the Republic.” The over 400 students formed the triangular shape of the country punctuated by cultural exhibitions of the four cardinal regions of the country which include the Sahel, Grassfield, Sawa and Fang-Beti. Their demonstrations sought to explain and defend the one and indivisible nature of Cameroon. They equally in their relaxed dancing styles constructed the word ‘Merci Paul Biya’, translated in English to mean ‘Thank you Paul Biya.’ The diverse presentations done in all joy and patriotism communicated virtues of solidarity, unity and national integration.

Bilingual messages were inscribed on banners at the football field with some p...



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