State House Primary School :Christmas Bells Are Ringing

First Lady, matron of the school, joined pupils to light the 2018 Christmas tree at the school premises yesterday, December 20, 2018.

Sounds of jingling bells could be heard from the premises of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon yesterday, December 20, 2018. Pupils of “Les Coccinelles" Primary School situated at the Unity Palace were announcing that period of the year, Christmas; with all the joy, peace and love it brings. “Les Coccinelles” pupils were joined by their Matron, First Lady, Chantal Biya, their parents and special guests to light the 2018 Christmas tree. It was the traditional Christmas feast marked by the exchange of “Merry Christmas” niceties around an adorned Christmas tree while sharing a common meal.

The yard of the school had been beautifully decorated with colours of the season. In front of the main building of the school were seen several gifts under a Christmas tree. Christmas lights also sprinkled from the natural and artificial flowers seen around the school premises. With little or no protocol, the First Lady, made her way to the east-wing of the Presidency where the school is situated. The Minister of Basic Education and other dignitaries warmly received the First Lady. This was followed by a special welcome song from the pupils to their matron, parents and beloved guests. One of the pupils, in a brief statement, extended the gratitude of the entire school community to their matron for all that she is doing to ensure a smooth running of the school. The pupils immediately began presenting to their audience, the special displays they had reserved for them as they celebrated the incredible act of love and peace in this season.

Through songs, the pupils revealed that they have great visitors which call for a moment of merry making at a period (Christmas), which comes once a year with lots of great gifts. Besides the chanting...



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