Carrousel: Gendamerie Band Displays National Values

Uniformed officers in about five minutes of amination and display passed across messages of peace, unity and living together.

The brass band of the Gendamerie held the population spelt bound at the May 20th Boulevard with a display that portrayed the national values of the country. Punctuated with recitations in English and French accompanied by rhythmical beating of bands, the Gendamerie officers highlighted the different potentials Cameroon boasts of. The impressive parade by the Gendamerie band was the first display following the arrival of the Head of State to the May 20 Avenue. It paved the way for the subsequent marchpast by foot soldiers, motorized parade, civilian and the march-past by political parties.

Dressed in national colours (green, red and yellow) and in possession of the national flag, the recitation voice acknowledged the endowment of the country in different aspects. In light mode semi-dancing steps patterns, the square of well-dressed uniformed officers formed the national triangle (shape of the entire territory of Cameroon) and proudly recounted the unique natural legacies and cultural prowess of the different zones of the country. In all their display, they underlined the theme of the 47th edition of the National Day celebrations which is “Unity in diversity, a major asset of the Cameroonian people in the determined move towards emergence.”

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