The Testament : Plight Of An African Girl

The film produced by DIPFA Entertainment is about those hideous cultural practices when a family does not have a male heir.

The “Testament” is a film that will challenge its viewers to rather have a meditation of some of those cultural practices still taking place in their various villages and which are a major barrier to the emancipation of the girl child. Directed by Tikum Titus Akuro, the film tells an uneasy story about the plight of an African girl face-to-face with the survival of African kindred. The film director says it is a true life story, replicated in the film “The Testament” that runs for one hour and 22 minutes. 
The film unveils the painful life of Engwari (Mbah Nancy) the last daughter of Pa Njong as head of his kindred who dies without a heir. Engwari's dreams become twisted and shattered as she is made heir with stringent rules according to the customs and tradition of the people. With the wall of rock, Engwari is faced with difficulties she cannot avoid. 
According to DIPFA production team, Ofon Ernest Suh and Version King who are film producers, the film addresses the plight of African girls who are born in families that are in great need of a male heir but the father ends up dying without having a male child. In most cases, Version King says one of the girls in the family is made an heir with stringent conditions t...



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