Major National Dialogue : Spokesperson Announces Open Door To All Topics

Dr. George N. Ewane debriefed the press at the close of Day I of the Major National Dialogue.

There is going to be no closed door to topics to be discussed at the ongoing dialogue in Yaounde, Dr. George N. Ewane, Spokesperson of the Major National Dialogue has said. He was addressing a battery of reporters yesterday evening at the close of Day I of the Major National Dialogue holding at the Yaounde Conference Center. After an in-camera plenary session, the spokesperson told reporters that discussions were largely characterized by “frankness and openness”. According to Dr. Geroge N. Ewane, the recurring topics in the discussions are federalism and decentralization, the electoral code, the limitation of presidential term of office, amongst others. He was emphatic that all topics which are brought up will be discussed in one of the eight committees. Ewane cited for example the issue of federalism which he said could be discussed in the Decentralization and Local Development Committee. The Major National Dialogue Spokesperson also told media men of national and international press organs that dozen of outstanding remarks were made during the plenary by various personalities such as Peter Mafany Musonge, Fon V.E Mukete, Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, John Fru Ndi, Calixthe Beyala, Simon Munzu, amongst others. He noted that the Prime Minister and Chair of the Dialogue, Chief Dr. Jos...



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