Major National Dialogue : South West In Heightened Expectations

The population is anxiously awaiting the results of the Dialogue.

As the Major National Dialogue enters its fourth day today, the population of the South West Region has kept their fingers crossed for what would be the outcome. The newspaper stands, radio sets, TV screens and android phones are largely employed these days by the peripheral populace to get a gist of what is transpiring in Yaounde. From day one launching the session last Monday, anxiety has been rising with the young, the old and even the most unsuspected groups of persons showing eagerness to know and understand what is happening in Yaounde. Many who do not even understand the pros and cons of the current socio-political agenda are expressing the opinion that things must change in Cameroon. 
One of the major agglomerations in Buea, capital of the South West Region, which breathes peace and free movement in these days of fear of the unknown, is the Clerks Quarters. Here, all bars have TV sets that beam news of the Dialogue in Yaounde. The evenings are usually propitious periods when these bars are crowded with much attention focused on news from Yaounde. Commentaries abound with many asking if the form of the state would receive attention from participants. Many are itchy to know if their dear ones who left for the dialogue in Yaounde have appeared on the screen. If so, “what have they said”, asked one butcher who rushed from a nearby stall to get information from a friend who sat in a bar.  
Since the announcement of the Major National Dialogue last 10 September, by the Head of State, an unusual calm has been observed in the Regional capital, Buea, with hitherto gunshots subsiding. Only some peripheral quarters have suffered some kidnaps and the population has been going about their daily duties regularly. The absence of university students from Molyko on holiday is evidenced with calm. Although roadside shops remain open daily, many ambulant vendors have shifted from Molyko to more concentrated areas like Bokwaongo, Clerks Quarters, Buea Town and Mile 17 Bus station. The Muea Market is regaining its usual crowd of buyers and sellers on Thursdays and Sundays.
It is noticeable that a majority of dwellers have put their trust in the on-going dialogue in Yaounde especially when the chair of the event, PM Chief Dr. Dion Ngute, a...



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