Decentralisation & Local Dev’t : Commissioners Urged To Tick To Orientations

The point of order was made following the recurrence of propositions to discuss on the form of the state.

Debates at the Commission for Decentralisation and Local Development are reportedly getting increasingly heated. On Day II of closed-door works, Cameroon Tribune was hinted that commissioners have been making sound proposals for the advancement of effective decentralization and local development in Cameroon. But some commissioners have been going out of the orientations given to the commission, to propose discussions of the form of the state, specifically federalism.
The Chair of the Commission, Ngole Philip Ngwese has reiterated that members should tick to the orientations spelt out by the Head of State – the acceleration of decentralization. One commissioner pointed out that those who hold federalism stance should not slow down discussion as there was a possibility of proposing that the North West and South West Regions be accorded a special status in decentralization.
Much earlier, the Commission examined certain factors which were raised as hindrances to the success of decentralization, notably issues related to human resources, financial resources and the functioning of decentralized territorial collectivities, as well as governance.
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