Bilingualism : Making it an Institutional, Individual Obligation

Members of the Bilingualism, Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion are leaving no stone unturned in their open and frank deliberation.

Promotion of bilingualism in schools, offices, businesses enterprises and in the whole gamut of the administration is featuring very prominently among the issues raised in the Committee in charge of handling Bilingualism, Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion. The members are upbeat to the fact that bilingualism remains a veritable asset for the country. As aptly stated by the prominent  historian and one of the members, Professor Daniel Abwa, the importance of bilingualism was identified prior to the holding of the Foumban Conference of 1961. The intension was to make all Cameroonians bilingual, he says citing Nfon Mukete, the paramount chief of the Bafaws, in one of his publication. Considering the sensitive nature of the subjects under review; bilingualism, cultural diversity and social cohesion, committee members say they are working meticulously to ensure that the results are a reflection of the aspirations of the population of the North west and South West Regions as well as those of the rest of Cameroonians.
If all that is attracting attention in the committee were to come out as final recommendation or resolution, then the teaching of bilingualism will soon become an obligation in all schools. Every school in the same vein will be transformed into bilingual schools where English and French are taught simultaneously and not the present status quo where one finds two schools in one. In addition to the need to promote bilingualism, committee members have equally been tack...



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