Audience : PM Meets Five Secessionists

For close to 30 minutes, their discussions focused on how to bring back peace to the North West and South West Regions.

Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute yesterday October 2, 2019 received in audience a fearless group of five new-armed secessionists who have answered favourably to the Head of State’s offer of peace. Heading the delegation of the five newly repentant fighters was General “Capture and Destroy”. He was accompanied by General Ezemo known as the custodian of their shrine, Commander Pussy, Commander No Mercy and Commander Champion. 
The five boys, seemingly emotionally and physically stable, but for General Capture and Destroy, who had a bandage on his right hand due to a motor-bike accident he sustained while in Yaounde, made their way into the Conference Centre during the early hours of yesterday evening, at the request of the Prime Minister. For over 30 minutes, the boys had a talk with the Prime Minister, who warmly welcomed them and said he was personally going to ensure their well-being and work towards bringing peace and unity in the country. At the end of the audience, General “Capture and Destroy” told the press that they discussed with the Prime Minister on better ways to see how they can contribute to bring back peace to the nation and to end the bloodshed.  “Most of you here are my elders, but you have not seen what I have seen or what I have done. I am still an acting general from the people’s revolution. Nevertheless, I am ready and willing to bring peace. I am going to embrace anybody who is willing and ready to work with me in bringing peace. But those that are against peace should be aware because nature will fight them,” General “Capture and Destroy” told the press.  
Unlike any other secessionist groups, General “Capture and Destroy” said his group is called the crusaders: which accordin...



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