North West : Implementation Of Recommandations Awaited

Topical on the streets of Bamenda is the content of the special status recommended by the Major National dialogue for the North West and South West regions towards a return to normalcy in the affected regions.

The Major National dialogue is now history and inhabitants of the North West region are anxiously waiting for the decision of the Head of state on recommendations for peace to return to the North West region. Topical amongst recommendations on the lips of inhabitants is the special status for the North West and South West regions. Saluted as an innovation in acknowledgement of injustices perpetrated against the people of the North West and South west regions, inhabitants are still scratching their hair to understand the content of the recommendation. It is against this backdrop that many on the streets of Bamenda await clarifications on the recommendation to inspire hope. Arguments are alive in public and private spaces with some positive that the recommendation chats the way forward for a return to normalcy while others perceive in it; another government ploy to calm situations without any genuine commitment to fix things for a people who continue to suffer frustrations blamed on marginalization. 
In effect, the National dialogue is still fresh in the minds of many in the North West. For...



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