Promotion of Bilingualism, Multiculturalism : Proposals Encapsulate Unity in Diversity

The different recommendations made during the national dialogue seek to strengthen the practice of bilingualism in the country and promote living together.

Some relevant resolutions geared at enhancing social cohesion and protecting the cultural diversity of Cameroon have been proposed by members of the committee on bilingualism, cultural diversity and social cohesion that was chaired by Joshua Osih. A tweet by the President of the Republic after the close of the dialogue congratulated participants for their contributions noting that the national dialogue gave an opportunity for Cameroonians to reaffirm their commitment towards peace, unity and the progress of the country. The recommendations that were read at a plenary chaired by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, recommended amongst other things the passing of a legislation on the equal use of both English and French in the country.

Promoting bilingualism

As concerns the promotion of bilingualism, the committee recommended the creation and implementation of programmes from tender stages. “Enhancing the practice of bilingualism in all segments of society through the creation and implementation of programmes starting from pre-school ages,” reads one of the recommendations. Another resolution proposes the passing of a legislation that spells out the equitable use of both official languages in all areas of national life.

Enhancing Cultural Diversity

Taking into consideration the rich cultural diversity of the Cameroon, the committee proposed measures which according to members are geared at preserving the different cultural identities of the country. In this light, the committee recommended enrooting cultural diversity through a strict implementation of regional balance and equitable access to public service...



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