"Second Inspectorate General recommended for Anglophone Education Sub system"

Tameh Valentine, National President of the Teachers Association of Cameroon, TAC.

Could you size up the general conduct of the just-ended Major National Dialogue?
The Major National dialogue was conceived and presented by the President as a conclave to frontally tackle especially the Anglophone crisis. I think it was most disconcerting that some issues were proscribed and aggressively rejected whenever they came up in certain commissions, one of them being discussions on the form of state, which from all indications was what many indignant persons wanted to hear broached. 
What new did the dialogue table suggest for the Anglophone or English sub system of education? 
Well, the Education Commission agreed on the need for a second Inspectorate General of Education to be created to take care of the Anglophone subsystem of Education, thus highlighting the need to keep the pedagogic chains of two educational subsystems split, parallel and specific, however with the possibility of the one tapping from the strengths of the other. Perhaps, I should add that what has been wrong with the nation's educational system has generally been the fact of snap, unprepared attempted reforms that did not rigorously take into consideration the bicultural nature of the nation's peoples, as spelt out in the constitution. Another snag has been the lack of a follow-up or of implementation of very good policies and laws that have been taken over the years, some of which have lain fallow for long spells and finally become obsolete for want of texts of application. Another serious problem has been the creation and non-maintenance/nonuse of research centres, like the Yaounde and Buea IPARs, which were laudable creations meant to continue to suggest novel reforms and inroads for education, but which existed only as paper structures since they were created till they went under.
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