After Major National Dialogue : Buea Witnesses Increase In Normalcy

But businessmen complained of economic hardship as there are few buyers.

The town of Buea, administrative seat of the South West Region, is witnessing increase in activities as businesses are flourishing in almost all sectors after the Major National Dialogue. From Muea, Bolifamba (Mile 16), Mile 17 Bus Station, Molyko through Clerk Quarters, Long Street, Bokwango to Buea Town, activities were booming on Tuesday October 15, 2019. Business persons had displayed their wares, schools doors widely opened, inter-urban transport vehicles plying the road etc. Given that there is peace in sight, the population of Buea has expressed the need for the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue that held in Yaounde from September 30 to October 4, 2019, to be implemented so that total serenity should reign for them to continue to go about their daily activities unperturbed.

Little does someone hear talks about gun shots in this or that neighbourhood in Buea. The much cry about rampant kidnappings for ransom seems to be on a decline. Parents on their part are bent on seeing that their children receive quality education. To this effect, they have massively enrolled their offspring in schools even though those in primary schools appeared in assorted dresses.

However, economic operators complained of a slum in their businesses. Tatih Cyprian, butcher and meat seller at Clerk Quarter Buea, recalled that in the precrisis period, he used to slaughter and market three cows on a Saturday at the Buea Central Market. But now he is struggling to sell one cow. Scarcity of cows in the market too has pushed a kilogram of beef to stand at FCFA 3,000 from FCFA 2,500. Fung Patrick, a hawker i...



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