Douala : Rising Insecurity in Ngangue

Hardly a day goes by without news of theft.

What began like a joke is beginning to take a different proportion in Ngangue (Douala 2). It started with people complaining of missed items forgotten outside or carelessly kept. Then it moved higher to way laying of people at night in dark areas of the neighbourhood, coupled with burglaries. Now it has attained the level of stealing vehicles. On Monday night breaking Tuesday June 30th, the men of the underworld took advantage of the heavy down pour that night to visit vehicles parked by the street side. They made away with a Carina E, were unable to take away a Toyata 100 car and decided to dismount the keyboard and catered away with the battery. The owners of the vehicles only witness the damage and loss early in the morning. The matter was immediately reported to the second police District in New Bell and the gendarmerie in Ngangue who have launched an alert for the search of the missing vehicle.

It is worth to mention that there has a been a spade of theft in the neighbourhood of recent There have been over twenty burglaries reported within a period of three months and the phenomenon is in the crescendo. Thieves broke into people’s houses to make away with valuable items. Their choicest items are gas bottles, flat screen televisions, pots, chairs and any other thing they can lay hands on. For the past two days, thieves have broken into four houses. In the first two houses they made away with two giant flat screens TV sets of 42 inches, then took two gas bottles from the third home and in the fourth, they collected plastic chairs, a gas bottle and plate, pots and other items. The situation is so bad that some tenants are beginning of moving out of the quarter. Others are envisaging installing surveillance cameras while others yet are promising to lay guard and woe betides whosoever is caught stealing. People suspect some youths who take drugs in the open air along the banks of the drainage that runs through the quarter. However people are afraid to confront them for fear of repression from the gang as the story goes that, a man who molested a thief was waylaid and badly beaten by the thieves. There are even rumours that the boys stabbed a man to make away with his money, who later died in the hospital. There are also reports of rape and attempted raped .



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