“We Intend to Recruit Young Players”

Biyick II Jacques, Secretary General AWA FC.

Even though a young team, AWA FC has been able to maintain a high profile. How do you explain that?

The strength of AWA FC resides in the willingness of the managers and the truth. These are the two main words in what is going on in AWA. That is the willingness of the managers and the truth that we tell the girls. We prefer telling the girls what we can give them and what we cannot. Because there is no need promising heaven and earth to a player and when she is in the team she finds something else it will completely spoil the structure. The girls give confidence to the management and we too give them confidence. That is how we operate.

Managing the team during the present situation of the Coronavirus pandemic is not easy. How are you coping with the situation?

In every situation there is always a way out. We do our best by first of all respecting the barrier measures from the high authorities of the State. We gather our girls to tell them what is happening and that we cannot force anything. We tell them to respect the measures by the State and praying a lot because the future may be better. We are trying to do like the clubs. Concretely, we tell the girls to work individually in their homes and we give them different systems of tactics to use on endurance among others. Some have come to me to ask for balls for training and I have given to some. That is to help them maintain their form. This is what we can do for them. We cannot go against the directives of the State. The stadiums that we go to train are closed. The owners of the stadiums are respecting government’s barrier measures.

What are the ambitions of AWA FC for the next season?

When the season ends we envisage all what the federation can give for women football. That means we play the national championship and we need a champion. Even if they will not give millions to the champions but we need that hounour. We are going to play the Cameroon Cup where everybody has the intention of reaching the summit. We are going to play the women’s Tournament. There is another cup which is in gestation called the “Girls Tournament” everybody is eying that objective. The African Women’s Championship which is coming is also our target. Nobody can ignore it. Since it is a new discovery everybody wants to participate. Everybody without exception will want to get a solid team for next season. We have contacts players from other teams. They can be from Ligue One or Ligue Two championship but the handicap we have is most of them were not seen in the game. So during the preseason we will test the players and confirm if they can be with us or not. But in reality we intend to have young players who are capable of playing throughout the 90 minutes of the game.



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