Bamenda : Motorcycles Prohibited In Central Streets

On the strength of Release No. 020/PR/E/GNW/IG of September 4, 2020, circulation of motorcycles has been restricted to some neighbourhoods of Bamenda.

The circulation of personal, service and commercial motorcycles in Bamenda have been restricted in efforts to step up security and the protection of people and property in the face of recent killings, abductions and other frustrations suffered by the population. 
It is against this backdrop that a Press Release of September 4, 2020 by North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique prohibited the circulation of motorcycles along some major streets of the city. Among them are streets linking the Hospital Roundabout in Bamenda II Sub division,  City Chemist- Veterinary Junction-Ayaba -T junction- Commercial Avenue etc, City Chemist-  Rendez vous junction-Army Rescue - City Council Veterinaty Junction, Finance Junction-Veterinary Junction, Finance Junction- Foncha Street,  Cow Street-Ghana Street, Foncha Street- Ntaseng- City Council, Bamenda I Market- Governor's Junction, Finance Junction- Governor's Junction, Governor's Junction- Hot spot- End of Tar , Custom Junction - Mile I.
Making the decision public in Bamenda, Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique appealed to the population to embrace the initiative by the SDO of Mezam and the City Mayor to give peace and security a chance. He blamed the recent abductions, killings and torture of teachers, school children, women and Defense and security officers on an identified   terrorist group using motorcycles. The Governor condem...



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