Regional Council Election: Time To Mobilise Campaign Funds

Participating political parties, traditional rulers and the government are bracing up to finance the main part of the election which is the campaign.

Candidates,  be they of the category of the Delegates of Divisions and the political parties or representatives of traditional rulers whose lists have been accepted by the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) are certainly seeking all the legal ways to mobilise finances to for the upcoming operations of the electoral process.

Where they will need to demonstrate their deployment prowess will be during the two-week campaign period that will culminate in the election on December 6, 2020. Political parties that will be running for the election have been raising funds through contributions from members, donations by elite and through other ways. The candidates themselves who are Delegates of Divisions have also on their individual levels been raising funds for the various phases of the election that come to add to what their political parties have been raising.

Government in the Electoral Code makes provisions for the public funding of election and referendum campaigns. Section 284 of the Electoral Code states that, “The State shall contribute to the funding of election campaigns by defraying some expenses of political parties or candidates. The State’s contribution in respect of the expenses shall be included in the finance law of each election or referendum year.”  The Electoral Code in Section 285 specifies that, “Public funds earmarked for the funding of election campaigns for the election of Members of Parliament, Senators, regional or municipal councillors, shall be shared in two equal parts among the political parties taking part in the elections.”

The Electoral Code is clear with regard to the funding of candidates filed by polit...



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