Ngonda Regine Bidjang : Gone But Legacy Lives On

The burial ceremony of President Paul Biya's elder sister in Mvomeka'a on Friday November 13, 2020 speaks of a life well spent and by a woman who will be missed by many.

“From dust comes man and to dust shall he return,” says the Holy Book. This now holds true for Ngonda Regine Bidjang who has returned to where she came from some 92 years ago. As the elder sister to Cameroon's Head of State, President Paul Biya, now rests in the land of her ancestors, the lives she impacted during her stay on earth will continue to tell her story. 
The quality of her funeral service at the Saint Etienne Chapel Mvomeka'a, in terms of the calibre of men and women who turned up and the number, tells of a matriarch who though with human frailties like any other person left marks in many lives and society as a whole.
Even before midday when the solemn burial mass started, the chapel and its environs were already jumped to capacity with people who came from far and near to condole with the bereaved Presidential family. The arrival of the Presidential couple, Paul and Chantal Biya, a few minutes to midday set the ball rolling for the college of officiating priests led by Christophe Zoa, Archbishop of Sangmelima Diocese to feed the already seated huge congregation with the word of truth from the true God.
Drawing inspiration from the Gospel according to Saint John, His Lordship Christophe Zoa said the soul of the deceased can enter heaven not by prayers but by God's grace. Reminding mourners of God's words that “not all who say Lord, Lord shall enter heaven except those who do His will,” the prelate noted that if only for the humility and works of the deceased while on earth, heaven should be her eternal home now. “Ngonda Regine Bidjang showed signs of her attachment to God and His church. She loved God with all her heart and mind,” His Lordship said. He added that even with the prestige of being an elder sister to the Head of State, Mrs Bidjang demonstrated good human and spiritual qualities which “make her a model to follow. We pray God, the fina...



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