Vigilance, Covid-19 Still Lurks!

Cameroon, like other African countries, might have remained resilient to the ravaging effects of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic or better still, Covid-19, but the virus is yet to be conquered. If we bear in mind that the virus migrated from Wuhan, China to the rest of the world in less than no time, then reports of new waves of contamination across the globe should teach all and sundry to redouble their efforts with regards to striving for self-protection as well as the protection of others. 
In his state-of-the nation’s address on December 31, 2020, President Paul Biya came back strongly on the virus. Dwelling lengthily on the pandemic, its ravaging effects as well as imploring his fellow compatriots to show proof of responsibility in breaking the propagation chain of the deadly Covid-19, the Head of State’s call should logically draw public attention and cause behavioural change. In fact, taking off his address with, “I am convinced that you understand why I am beginning this traditional message by talking about the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic on our planet…,” is telling enough that danger is still on the air.
The father of the nation noted with dismay the population’s show of disdain in respecting barrier measures prescribed by the World Health Organisation and the government of Cameroon. “I have personally observed that most of our fellow citizens no longer comply with the protective measures prescribed by the Government.” The Head of State’s discomfort came from the fact that the wearing of face marks in public places, washing of hands with soap and running water, sanitizing hands and above all respecting social distancing long dwindled. Those who even still try to do so are gradually being seen by others as odd. To say the least, life has fully come back to its pre-Coronavirus era with beer parlours jammed to capacity as well as overloading in township taxis and inter-urban buses commonplace.  Even public places wherein water and soap was placed at the entrance for visitors to wash their hands long abandoned the life-saving practice. Where such buckets still exist, they are more or less used as trash cans, we are told. What a lacklustre attitude towards a pandemic still very much present like Covid-19 and which continues to tear lives and livelihoods apart! 
This explains why President Paul Biya once again rang the alarm bell, not mincing words to decry the attitude. “At a time when, everywhere else, there is a second wave of the epidemic, coupled with the appearance of a new and more contagious strain of the virus, I urge you once again to put on your face masks, to wash your hands regularly and to consult a physician or any other health personnel if you notic...



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