Textbooks for Classes Three, Four : Evaluation Committee Begins Selection Process

The session was opened yesterday February 15, 2021 by the Minister of Basic Education.

Members of the National Council for the Approval of Textbooks and Didactic Materials are currently in their 19th session to evaluate textbooks for Classes Three and Four, primary pupils in Cameroon. The session which began yesterday February 15, 2021 is aimed at selecting the best textbooks for Classes Three and Four Primary school pupils to be used during the next school year as adopted in the new pedagogic approach. 
While opening the session, the Minister of Basic Education, Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, called on members of the Council to effectively carryout their duty in ensuring that Cameroonians have high quality books that are affordable. He also used the occasion to encourage and appreciate the results already obtained by the committee. Progressively, the Minister said “we are moving towards a textbook policy that is environment-free from problems, as it was known before.  Nowadays, we hear little or no problem as far as textbooks provision is concerned in the primary school section.”  
A similar process to select books for the Nursery section, classes One and Two, took place last year according to the new curriculum which hinges on Competence-Based Approach (CBA). Next year, the process of changing text books for primary schools will end with the selection of books for Classes Five and Six. At the end, the Permanent Secretary of the National Council for the Approval of Textbooks and Didactic Materials said all old textbooks will be replaced by books that fit into the CBA pedagogic programme.  
The evaluators selected by the Ministry of Basic Education and other experts specialized in the appreciation and selection of books, will evaluate all books proposed by publishers who are mostly Cameroonians from the Anglophone regions of the country.  At the beginning of the session which ends on February 19, evaluators had a training session which reminded them of what they should take into consideration. They have been divided into three groups namely: Literature, English and French Languages, Social Studies and Science and Technology. 
They will be looking at the physical aspect of the book that is the quality, price and attractive nature. The content of the books will also be evaluated taking into consideration the curricula which should carry eight terms, teaching process and void of errors. The session is also out to ensure that publishers respect the book chain of the market. This is to ensure that after selecting a publisher, he/she should be able to supply the market with the required quantity. Also, publishers should be able to respect the book distribution process and rules, have a warehouse and the book selected should be supplied with the required quality. 



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