2021 Camtel Championship : Bafia, Port Volleyball Champions

The finals in the women and men categories were played on Sunday July 11, 2021 in Yaounde.

Port Autonome de Douala (PAD) volleyball club and Bafia Volleyball Evolution (BVE) are winners of the men and women categories of the 2021 Camtel Volleyball Championship. Both finals were played at the gymnasium of the National Advanced School of Public Works in Yaounde on Sunday July 11, 2021.
The first game pitted Forces Arméé et Police (FAP) to BVE in the women’s category. The game moved up to five sets with BVE winning three to emerge winners (3-2). The first set saw BVE win with a timid two-point difference (28-30) after a tough battle. With more precise serves and stuff blocks, BVE again won the second set (21-25). It was during the third set that FAP woke up and prolonged the game by winning 25-17. The club again narrowly won the fourth set, 26-24. The fifth and final set was the last battle to determine the winner. The determination and the desire to win caused BVE to limit its errors and created more points for their side. The set ended 9-15 in favour of BVE, giving the Bafia club its third victorious set making them winners of the competition.
After BVE’s victory, the stage was set for PAD men to battle with FAP men. PAD got into the game with a lot more determination than their opponents. PAD emerged champion of the men’s category after winning their opponents 3 sets to 1. Their attacking strength and stuff blocks were commendable. Their concrete serves also permitted them to win the first set 25-22. FAP came in to revenge in the second set by limiting their misplaced passes and polishing their serves. Their series of aces and other tough attacking moves permitted them to create an over 10-point difference. It was only at the end of the set that PAD woke up but it was too late to catch up. The second set ended 16-25 in favour of FAP. PAD with a lot more determination won the third and fourth sets there by overpowering FAP. At the end of the games, players who distinguished themselves were handed trophies.



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