Bilingualism Commission : Newly Appointed Member Commissioned

Madia Julienne was commissioned by the Commission’s Chairperson, Peter Mafany Musonge on July 28, 2021.

The recently appointed member of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism (NCPBM), Madia Julienne,has been installed into her function by the Commission’s Chairperson, Peter Mafany Musonge. Appointed on July 2, 2021 by the President of the Republic, in replacemen tof Djanabou Bakary called to other duties, Madia Julienne was commissioned on July28, 2021.

While commissioning her, Peter Mafany Musonge equated her appointment in the Commission as placing a squarepeg in a square hole, considering her academic and professional background. The Commission’s Chairperson urged her to at all time let national interest supersede personal interest. “If the President of the Republic appointed you into the Commission, it is because he is quite conscious of the weight of the duties he assigns the institution. He knows that you can effectively contribute to helping the NCPBM attain its assigned objectives by delivering the expected results. It was not by error that President Paul Biya took you in confidence.It is because he saw in you, material for nation building. My hope is that you will perform your utmost to sustain the trust placed in you,” he stated, adding the assuranceof members and staff of the Commission to collaborate with her for the growth of the nation. Despite the differences in convictions during deliberations, Peter Mafany told her to “always remember to consider the interests of the Commission and the State first before yours.

”Expressing her appreciation,Madia Julienne said she will humbly work at serving the nation. “My gratitude goes to t...



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