Tokyo Olympics Games : Clémentine Meukeugni Eliminated

Out of seven disciplines Cameroon is now left with only athletics and wrestling in the competition that will end on August 8, 2021.

Cameroon’s weightlifter Clémentine Meukeungi Noumbissi has joined the bunch of Cameroonian athletes who have been booted out of the ongoing Tokyo Olympic Games. The two times African champion was eliminated during the 87kg women’s weightlifting competition yesterday August 2, 2021. Clémentine Meukeugni failed to pick up the bronze medal as she finished on the 11th spot at out of 12 competitors. The best three in the group were E. Duverger from Cuba who lifted 224kg, A.M. Vanbellinghen (Belgium) who lifted 219kg and S. Ucelo Marroquin (Guatemala) who lifted 207kg. 
During the first round she finished third in group B to move to the next round. In the snatch event her best performance was 99kg while her immediate opponents lifted 103kg. In the clean and jerk, Meukeugni lifted 125kg. The coach of the national weightlifting team, Constantine Enama said preparations under better conditions could be more beneficial for the athletes.  He said athletes need equipment and good follow up in order to succeed. 
Out of seven disciplines Cameroon is now lift with two at the Olympic Games. These are athletics and wrestling. The other disciplines; judo, weightlifting, table tennis, swimming and boxing have been knocked out of the competition. Also, Clémentine Meukeugni’s ousting brings the total number of athletes elimin...



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