After 8th Congress : The Challenge Of New UPC Leadership

The eighth ordinary congress of the Union des populations du Cameroun (UPC) took place in Yaounde from September 11-12, 2021 with the election of leaders who face unity obstacle.

Dr Pierre Baleguel Nkot was re-elected the Secretary General of the Union des populations du Cameroun (UPC) during the elective ordinary congress of the party that took place in the Yaounde Conference Centre from September 11-12, 2021. He would be assisted by Jacques Eder Yette Mbote. François Zogning was elected the new Chairperson of the Steering Committee of the party in replacement of Habiba Issa who did not show up at the congress.
The leaders elected during the Yaounde congress have a daunting challenge to reconcile the different factions that have bedevilled the UPC, appease bleeding hearts, work for the unity of the party and head towards reconquering lost political territory during future elections of Members of the National Assembly, municipal and regional councillors and Senators. 
The context within which the congress took place calls for urgent action. One of the faction leaders, Hon. Robert Bapoot Lipot prior to the congress wrote to the Subdivisional Officer of Yaounde II, Mamadi Mahamat requesting him to annul the authorisation he had earlier given for the congress to take place. Hon. Bapooh Lipot also lodged a complaint at the Administrative Court praying for the court to declare the  decisions and resolutions of the Yaounde eighth UPC congress null and void.  The congress after all oughts took place as the Subdivisional Office   for Yaounde II took into considering the decision of the Administrative Court rehabilitating Dr Baleguel Nkot as the legal and legitimate Secretary General of the UPC.
The new UPC leadership in the words the Chairperson of the Steering Committee, François Zogning will embark on proximity contacts to meet militants using methods such as meetings, and door-to-door contacts.  He told Cameroon Tribune that they also took the resolution to ask all sections that did not participate in the congress for one reason or the other to send the list of their members who have to be included in  the Steering Committee. He said they would do everything possible to create awareness and reassure their electors.
Indeed, the UPC at the moment has no seat in the National Assembly and has one appointed Senator. The party is not also represented in the Regional Councils.



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