Renewal Of CPDM Basic Organs : Mezam III CPDM Shows Strength In Consensus

Renewal Control Team President, Dr Chi Asafor saluted consensus that is free from influence to avoid new enemies for the party.

The ongoing renewal of CPDM basic organs in Mezam III- Bali section is on track with actors committed to achieve positive output by producing new party executive leaders that inspire hope. Mezam III- Bali section control President, Dr. Chi Asafor Cornelius went sizing up the renewal exercise on September 11 and 12, 2021. It emerged from the event that uninfluenced consensus is the spirit in Mezam-III, Bali. Dr Chi Asafor saluted enthusiasm showcased by local organising committee members, candidates and militants in the face of security challenges. 
Press time developments indicate that the renewal exercise has been completed for all the 134 CPDM cells in Mezam III-Bali and September 15, 2021 is expected to feature the election of Branch Executives ahead of sub section and section elections on September 25, 2021. Mezam-III Bali CPDM section covers some 24 sub sections, 60 branches and 134 cells. Dr. Chi Asafor took time off during the evaluation exercise to remind the actors to stand solidly by the prescriptions of the party Chairman, Paul Biya and the circular of the Secretary General of the Central Committee, Jean Kuete. 
The President was around with documents to help matters in the composition of the lists of candidates. He equally set records straight where doubts were still raised. Among the lot, the election control President served them a compendium of materials covering required sworn statement, statements for candidates, statement of service, sociological composition forms, party support ability forms etc. Dr. Chi Asafor was also around with solutions for concerns about party finances, dues and membership cards required for Executive positions in the basic organs. It was against this backdrop that Dr Chi Asafor supported the operation with FCFA 500.000 and hailed the political elite of Bali who pledged and or, paid their party financial contributions.



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