CIRCB : Italy Intensifies Cooperation

The country’s Ambassador, Filippo Scammacca del Murgo and wife paid a courtesy visit to the research centre yesterday November 23, 2021.

Bravo! Continua il buon lavoro (Continue the good work), the Italian Ambassador to Cameroon, Filippo Scammacca Del Murgo told staff at the “Chantal Biya” International Reference Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Management (CIRCB). This was during his maiden visit to the research centre yesterday November, 23, 2021. He was accompanied by his wife, Martina Scammacca del Murgo. Online from Italy during the visit was the President of the Scientific Committee of CIRCB, Professor Carlo Perno whom, while lauding the cooperation that exists between Italy and CIRCB, announced that he will be in Cameroon on December 9, 2021 for the Scientific Committee session.
Filippo Scammacca Del Murgo expressed satisfaction with the cooperation ties that exist between the government of Cameroon and the Italian government through CIRCB. He noted that the centre is of upmost importance because it provides a lot of support not only to the Cameroonian population, but also to other countries in many domains such as Covid-19, Ebola as well as HIV. The Italian Ambassador said the testimonies of the centre cannot be underestimated in works especially against mother-to-child transmission of HIV; and because both countries have common agenda of development, each country will continue its role to foster cooperation. He told the staff of the centre to rely on his commitments to reinforce the cooperation ties that exist between the government of Italy and the research centre. 
The Director General of CIRCB, Professor Alexis Ndjolo said Italy has always been a partner of CIRCB since its creation in 2006. He explained that the government of Cameroon, ...



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