Settlement Bill For 2020 : Overview Presented To Senators

Finance Minister, Louis Paul Motaze defended the legal instrument before the Budget and Finance Committee of the Senate on November 23, 2020.

The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze explained the Settlement Bill for the 2020 financial year before the Budget and Finance Committee of the Senate headed by Senator Elie-Victor Essomba Tsoungui. The Settlement bill presents the use of allocated resources as well as the execution level of various indicators as concerns budgetary authorisations which amounted in resources and charges to the sum of FCFA 4,409 billion. 
Defending the document before the Committee, Minister Louis Paul Motaze said, in detail, State resources made up of net revenue from the general budget excluding loans amounted to FCFA 3,134 billion as against a revised forecast of FCFA 2,741 billion, representing an execution rate of 114.3 per cent. Net expenditure of the general budget, he stated, was FCFA 3,928 billion, including net loans of FCFA 41.8 billion. The bill further shows a budget deficit of FCFA 785.8 billion, obtained by the difference between the State's net resources of FCFA 3,334 billion and overall expenditure of FCFA 4,120.2 billion. In relation to the Gross Domestic Product, the bill indicates that budget deficit stood at 3.3 per cent, which explains the strong pressure that public spending exerted on resources during the year. The Minister added that the execution of the 2020 budget in income and expenditure was marked by a challenging context at the national and international level. Besides the management of resources, the implementation of the budget for the 2020 financial year involved 166 programmes, each with a measured objective. 
In a statement after the defence of the bill, the Minister said government has been congratulated in the budget execution given the difficulties faced in 2020. "We have recorded a realisation which is very interesting because as concerns revenue, we reached an average of 103 per cent and we have worked quite well despite the difficulties. Now, we are looking ahead to the 2022 finance law," he explained. The Minister further stated that the Ministry of Finance worked with the Audit Bench of the Supreme Court in the process of producing the bill under a climate marked by respect for the principle of adversarial debate and the mutual search for improvements in the management of public funds. 



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