Second Dresses: Available And Affordable

The sale and consumption of second hand dresses is gaining grounds in the economic capital of Douala.

Second hand dresses or call it “Okrika” is fast becoming the new normal in terms of dressing in the economic capital. Most people prefer to dress this way because it is cheap and affordable. Some also hold that second hand dresses are unique and durable. Jean Paul Sidom, dealer in second hand dresses in Douala explained that he sells to all classes of people depending on the quality and price. He said whenever he buys a bail he does the first selection which is destined for his first class clients and sells others to whoever wants to buy. “I sell dresses for men and women as well as children. At times it is after opening the bail that I discover what is inside. What so ever I find there I select and sell and still make also profit” Jean Paul said
He further added that “Okrika” clothes come from different parts of the world such as Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. To him selling second hand dresses is good business as he makes a lot of profit. A bail of second hand dresses ranges from CFA 150.000 to CA 300.000 depending and quality and quantity. And from it he can make a profit of about CFA 200.000 to CFA 300.000.
On the streets of Douala most people said they prefer second hand dress. Madam Yv...



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