CIRCB : 2021 Budget Effectively Executed

This was revealed during the 8th ordinary session of the Management Committee of the research centre yesterday June 21, 2022.

The President of the Management Committee of the “Chantal Biya” International Reference Centre for Research on Prevention and Management of HIV/AIDS (CIRCB), in Yaounde, Jean Stéphane Biatcha has congratulated the administration of CIRCB for the effective execution of the 2021 budget of the institution within a difficult context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. He was speaking during the 8th ordinary session of the Management Committee of the research centre. The session, chaired by Jean Stéphane Biatcha in the presence of other members and guests focused on answering certain questions such as: How much of the 2021 funds were effectively mobilized as programmed in the budget? How was the budget executed?   What were the challenges faced? 
Speaking to the press, the General Manager of CIRCB, Professor Alexis Ndjolo said the 2021 budget stood at about FCFA 5.5 billion. He explained that mobilising funds for the establishment was very difficult within the Covid-19 context.  42 to 46 per cent of the budget was mobilized. The money, Prof Ndjolo said, was effectively used. According to the Director General of CIRCB, a majority of the 2021 budget of the centre came from the government that is 80 per cent and 20 per cent was from funds generated from research grants and other partners. It was also revealed that the investment budget was mobilised only at 17 per cent. The Director General said in a research centre, money is needed to acquire certain apparatus and when the funds are not effectively mobilized; they cannot do what they wanted to do.  Hence he suggested to the Management Board to review the subvention and income policy in a bid to improve funding of the projects in the research centre on time. He also pleaded with the Management Board to ensure that...



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