Publicising Nudity : Halt The Soaring Depravity

Social media users in Cameroon, like elsewhere, are certainly at a loss with the direction people are increasingly taking vis-à-vis the content they load unto the platforms. Hardly does a day go by without the public discovering one or two disturbing posts on the highly-visited sites. Traditionally, the innovation powered by information and communication technologies was meant to give android phone users the golden opportunity to have conversations, share information and create web content. Salutary innovation to facilitate life for all and sundry!
This justifies the existence of  blogs, micro-blogs, social networking sites, photo-sharing sites, instant messaging, video-sharing sites, podcasts, widgets, virtual worlds, and more to facilitate communication, collaboration, opinions and reviews, brand monitoring, entertainment, media sharing and paid advertising. Visibly, entertainment seems to be taking primacy over the other social media uses with the bad and ugly deplorably on a sharp rise. 
What people had seen before now were nude photos or videos of people erroneously posted or done so by yesterday’s lover turned foe today as a way of settling scores. That someone consciously takes her photos and videos and parades them on social media was still rare but not uncommon. The red line seems to have been crossed and the apparent pride with which it is done, the ages of the perpetrators and possible short and long-term dangers are puzzling.  
The most recent of the rather soaring depravity is a young girl, apparently in her early 20s, who terrified some social media users with her nude photos and bestial videos bragging how she desires to become a porn star. Doing such a horrible thing on camera and uploading it to the social media (meaning the entire world) as well as arrogantly telling the globe how she adores sex and can be a porn expert for the ‘good of her country and family,’ was arguably the height of social media madness. Mindboggling to imagine a youth who tells anyone who cares to listen how she owns a WhatsApp page managed by her and her supervisor through which sex aspirants can pay to have scenes, tells of the height of moral degeneracy in society.
Transforming her body into a business object is a veritable aberration from the norms of life and the culture of respecting the sacredness of a woman’s body. A veritable travesty of justice in a country where legal instruments exist to cleanse society of such irresponsible acts. The video and what the morally-bankrupt girl is uttering provoke tears from many for their children knowing the level of connectivity in society and the desire for some to do like others.
Disturbing if Cameroon really needs morally-decadent youth to get to where she desires. The country and family of the naughty youth would be proud to know that she invented what no one has ever brought to light and which can advance the course of socio-economic development and not polluting the planet with her nakedness which can only derail many. The newfound freedom of expression Cameroonians experienced with the 1990 Social Communication Law, which opened the way to press freedom, is sadly being sold to dogs. People take delight in doing just anything on social media. The body might be hers, as the young girl said in her post, but upsetting the wide public on social media with the nefarious consequences such behaviours leave on society and more so on innocent youth, calls for stringent measures from the powers that be. Rights go with responsibilities and once bad habits are identified, it is productive to call perpetrators to order before they destroy many.
The viral video on the social media is certainly not the first and something must be done to arrest the situation in an attempt to clip the wings of such bad elements and their devilish practices. Where have our moral values gone to? This is certainly not the values the present generation inherited from the forefathers. All must work as one to bequeath a better society to future generations and not one where freedom is misjudged to mean reign of disorder. Cameroon deserves better than what some delinquents want to project to the world. It needs collective efforts to halt such detestable practices that are sadly soaring.
The girl on the photo can still be rescued and that should be done as fast as possible. Whether her deed was drug-induced or carefully and consciously acted, there is an urgent need for corrective measures for her and others of her generation who might blindly follow the sl...



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