R&B, Afro-pop : Here Comes Black Rhymz!

Formed 20 years ago, the group today boasts six single songs.

Destiny - of sorts - brought them together. More than 20 years ago. While still in university. When they found out they had a common yearning. To sing. Thus, the idea of starting a group was born. Without further ado. Black Tribe was the name. But had to be changed years later after the trio realised other groups used the same name! Black Rhymz was then chosen. Which remains until this day.

The Rhythm and Blues, Afro-pop music group is made up of full-time time professionals. Ernest Chi Cho is a corporate communication specialist with the United Nations. Constantain Mbom is a journalist with Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV central TV newsroom. And Larry Praiz, a professional music director and studio engineer, runs his own recording studio. Though formed 20 years back, Black Rhymz only began releasing songs in 2021.

“Our overarching goal is to raise awareness, promote social good and hopefully, bring joy to individuals and homes,” explains Constantain, Black Rhymz Marketing Director. Since its official debut in 2021, the group has released six single songs and videos. A remix of Asa’s “Jailer,” “I don tire” and “Dem go fall” in 2021. Then “Unite for love,” “Beautiful like that” and “Hello mama!” in 2022.

“I don tire” decries the unending violence, human rights violations and wars across the globe.  “Dem go fall” is Black Rhymz’s manner of counting blessings and reminding everyone that as long as God is for them, their enemies will not prosp...



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