South West Regional Assembly : Secretary General Takes Office

Mukete Joseph Nebale was tasked to coordinate all services of the institution for better results.

The Secretary General of the South West Regional Assembly, Mukete Joseph Nebale was on September 8, 2022 in Buea, commissioned into his function by the President of the institution. This follows his appointment to the post by the Head of State in June 2022.
Commissioning him into office, Zacheus Bakoma Elango, President of South West Regional Executive Council spelt out the functions of the Secretary General as prescribed by the General Code on Regional and Local Authorities. The Secretary General shall coordinate the Regional Assembly administrative services, handle the business of the South West Regional Assembly and implement all decisions of its President. He shall also keep detail records of the South West Regional Assembly meetings among other duties. Again, the SG shall forward period reports of cases of indiscipline to the President of the South West Regional Executive Council for necessary action but at the same time he has a role of a pedagogue to such staff.
Mukete Joseph Nebale is the second Sectary General to the South West Regional Assembly. He took over from Acha Gilbert Nkweti now Secretary General at the South West Governor’s Office. Mukete Nebale who ...



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