Garbage Disposal : Still a Problem

Disposing of household waste is still a nightmare to most Douala city dwellers.

Household waste including used plastic bag, kitchen waste, broken glass, obsolete cell phones, are all used products that require appropriate disposal to limit their harm to the environment. One thing that most homes have in common is the accumulation of household hazardous waste. Waste poses a threat to public health and the environment if it is not stored, collected, and disposed of properly. The perception of waste as an unwanted material with no intrinsic value has dominated attitudes towards disposal.
Waste disposal which involves the systematic action for managing waste from its origin to its final disposal is a real problem in the economic capital of Douala. Most households end up dumping their garbage along the streets rendering the city dirty.  City dwellers regretted that the company in charge of collecting and of disposing household garbage hardly respect the collection appointment days. “Here in Deido, the Hysacam trucks usually come on Fridays but then they are not regular and after keeping the garbage for a long time inhabitants begin depositing their garbage on the street”, explained Onam Marie. She went further to explain that their quarter head has advised on several occasions that people shoul...



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