Violence In Schools : Holistic Strategies In Place

The National Civic Agency has launched a nationwide sensitisation campaign to effectively address the recurrent acts of violence.

Violent incidents have in recent past erupted in some schools in the country during which teachers and students were killed. In spite of several efforts carried out by government structures, non-governmental institutions as well as school authorities, there seems to be little or no positive results. Since school premises are becoming more and more unconducive for learning, the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development (NCSAPD) has decided to redouble efforts to address the situation in a more holistic manner. This, through the use of clergymen, psychologists and students themselves to eradicate violence and the consumption of narcotics in schools nationwide. This will be carried out within a sensitisation campaign under the theme “Prevention of Violence and the Consumption of Narcotics in the School Environment, Guarantee of responsible Citizenship for the Achievement of the NSD-30 Objectives.”
The sensitisation campaign, according to the Deputy General Manager of the NCSAPD, Esua John Enow, may look like other crusades which seek to eradicate the scourge, but have some particularities. Given that the NCSAPD is a structure which has as duty to train young people to be responsible citizens, Esua John says they are out to ensure that youths achieve the required values and understand the dangers posed by violence and the consumption of drugs. “We are letting young people understand that the future of the country is in their hands and with the consumption of drugs, they can never be modest citizens to lead the country in the future,” the Deputy General Manger noted.
Young people have been trained in all school institutions in the country by the National Civic Service Agency. These students have created clubs in their various schools known as “Civic Service.” Th...



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