CRM: Elections, Commissioning of Grassroots Leaders in Progress

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) is working on the field both in Cameroon and abroad in preparation for its elective convention in 2023.

Officials of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) will this October 1, 2022 commission in to office the recently elected leaders of the basic organs of the party in the Mungo Division of the Littoral Region, the Secretary General of the party, Barrister Ndong Christopher has told Cameroon Tribune. The commissioning of the leaders of the grassroots structures of the party in Mungo comes after the same ritual was done in the West Region, with the party’s National President Professor Maurice Kamto presiding over the event. The activities in Mungo, Barrister Ndong Christopher said, mark the beginning of the renewal operation for the Littoral Region. He disclosed that on October 29- 30, 2022, leaders of the basic organs in the Wouri Division will be elected using the electronic voting system. From here, the reorganisation caravan will move to the Far North Region and go progressively to the other regions of Cameroon. He said the last regions will be the crisis-affected North West and South West Regions where the reorganisation of the party’s basic organs will depend on the security situation. The Cameroon Renaissance Movement is strongly committed to consolidating its strongholds in the diaspora. For this reason, the party has already reorganised its basic organs in some foreign countries. The Secretary General revealed that the reorganisation of the basic organs has already take...



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