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Football is increasingly being modernised across the globe and actors in the chain are working round the clock to keep pace with the evolution. Far from the yesteryears’ business of simply tossing the inflated round object around a turf to win trophies and make a name, football is today a whole industry whose actors have interwoven roles and their harmonious functioning produces the much-needed spectacle that football lovers yearn for when players get onto the field to showcase their talents. This is what makes one championship better than the other.
Efforts in Cameroon to align with the global evolution in the king sport are seemingly being held back regrettably by mythical or legendary clubs which should have rather served as pacesetters. Incessant power tussle in some of the old-time clubs has dampened the performance of such football outfits at the national level and even when they manage to go international, their performance is a complete shadow of what the clubs were in years past. 
These are signs of serious malaise that has left far-reaching consequences on the clubs. While some have disappeared into oblivion, others are still limping at either regional leagues or at elite one and two championships. Caïman, Oryx, Dynamo and Union all of Douala, Racing of Bafoussam, Tonnerre and Canon of Yaounde are legendary football clubs in Cameroon and their names alone send football diehards back to the good old days when the clubs where at the height of national and continental football. All of them might not have the same degree of management squabbles but the fact is that misunderstandings have dented their performances. 
It is imperative for those called upon to manage the clubs to think more of the renowned trademarks they inherited and what is needed to keep the flames burning rather than their apparent self-centred interest. Whatever names they might have chosen to give themselves; be they Wiseman Committee, Executive Board, Elite or any other, the vision should be to take the club to a higher level and make today’s output better than that of yesterday. It is disheartening to imagine that society is projecting into a better tomorrow while supporters of some of the country’s legendary clubs are rather relishing the past. Any purpose-driven individual or organisation almost always strives to make to...



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