Assisting People With Disability : 122 Received School Needs

This was during a ceremony in Douala on October 15, 2022.

As part of their “Handi Education Project”, “Les Handicapés Dynamiques du Cameroun” association has donated some school items to over 122 physically challenged children and children born of physically challenged parents. The event on Saturday October 15 in Bepanda, Douala was aimed at facilitating the education of this group of children who sometimes need other aids to facilitate their education. At the event, some school needs including text and exercise books, pens, pencils, school bags, hearing aid kits, white canes, wheelchairs and other specialized education kits were handed to the children.
While handing over the gifts, the coordinator of “Les Handicapes Dynamiques du Cameroon” association, Innocent Sielahe, said it was their own way to assist the underprivileged children to study well despite their challenges. He said the “Handi Education project”, is to promote the education of people with disabilities and their offspring. He added that the programme was put in place two years ago to facilitate the education of this group of children. He asked the beneficiaries to be ambassadors of the physically challenged persons in future. For those who received textbooks, he asked them to use them judiciously because they can be used to assist other children next academic year. He cautioned them to be of good character within their communities.
Sielahe Innocent revealed that at the moment they were working with some private schools to see if they can reduce schoo...



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